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Hello there, I am Tara Bdr. Thapa Magar!

An SEO practitioner and consultant offering SEO services of all sizes and industries, from small businesses to SMEs throughout Nepal. Over the past 5+ years, I’ve worked and consulted across different market verticals, from Local to Therapy, MSPs to SaaS, Dental to Law Firms, E-commerce to Marketplace and much more.

Topics I Discuss


SEO Consulting

A high-level strategic SEO consulting services that helps your business attract customers, meet sales goals, and grow.


Holistic SEO Strategy

A modern approach to SEO where high level strategies includes  on page, off page, technical and content to outrank your competitors. 


Site Quality Assessments

A thorough assessment of content, site quality and many other issues described in Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines.


Algo Update & Recovery

An in-depth  investigation & traffic recovery strategies that is directly tied with Google Penguin, Panda or  Broad Core Algorithm as well as manual actions.  


Comprehensive SEO Audit

It’s way more than Technical SEO audit that aims to uncover SEO signal deficiencies affecting SEO visibility  while providing actionable strategy implementation & recommendations.


In-Depth Content Audit

A thorough assessment of ratio of good content pages  to low-quality content pages determining whether it should be kept as-is, updated, deleted, consolidated, or redirected.


Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is a tricky aspects of SEO that requires an expert eye. A thorough technical SEO audit, crawl analysis, and Google Search Console (GSC) audit that determines how efficiently web crawlers are rendering, crawling and indexing the pages.   


Local SEO Audit

A detailed analysis of local SEO that reveals the issues that are holding you back, and actionable strategies and recommendation to improve local search visibility.

About Me

I’m Tara.
I help businesses grow their organic traffic & sales .

Tara Bdr. is a Senior SEO Strategist with over 5+ years of experience. Tara has helped a wide range of businesses improve their organic search performance & generating millions of revenue. He has consulted companies across various industries, including E-commerce, Dental and Medical, Insurance, Real estate, affiliate marketing, and more.

Tara Bdr. Thapa Magar: SEO Expert In Nepal

I relate SEO with meditation. Just as mindfulness practice enhances our focus and helps us get better every single day. SEO is just the same: a focused strategy and consistent effort improves overall SEO visibility over the time.


What Others Are Saying

Prafulla Hada_SEO expert
"Tara, as an SEO Expert, creates creative strategies that ensures the growth of the business. I've personally worked with Tara and I assure you he is the best."

Praphulla Hada

alin odari: seo manager at orka socials
"I’m very pleased to write a few encouraging words about Tara. Just a few words: Hardworking and fully dedicated towards work. "

Alin Odari

"What separates him from any other SEO consultant is transparency, professionalism and result driven SEO. I would definitely recommend Tara to my friends and family (not competitors :p)"

Shankar Subba